Important Questions

1. Basic configuration

  • Enter the name of your universal or block order list.
  • Enter your email address to receive important information of this list.
  • Choose universal list when you don't organize a block order. Otherwise choose a block order list.

2. Configuration

  • Write an info comment for your participants.
  • Edit the columns in which your participants make their entries.
  • The name field is always included automatically.

3. Advanced functions

  • Your list includes the following basic components.
  • Choose a deadline for this list (optional).
  • Create an own password. (optional)
  • Disable the list for entries. (optional)
  • Add a payment amount which shall be added to every single entry (optional).

4. Checkout

  • Save your list after reading the privacy conditions and the terms of use.

5. Generated Password

  • Note down this password when you haven't created an own.

6. Sharing

  • Use social plugins or the link to share the list with your friends.
Yes, for basic functions. We offer special features for a little fee.
In universal lists your participants can enter texts. You can define a single payment. In block order lists your participants enter the number of things, they want to order on your list. On those lists the amount for the ordered goods is calculated for every participant individually.
Both in group order lists and partiipant clists it's possible to pay online. Your have to create a new group order/universal list. After creating the list you can activate the premium functions. As soon as the activation is completed, people directly can pay you on your list. When a participant makes an entry on your list, a pay button appears. Clicking on that button the User can pay as usual and you can mark the entry as "Paid" after reception. Your and the participant get a confirmation on this transaction via email.
You have probably not activated paypal payments on your list. This error you can resolve yourself.
With premium account: Log in on with your nickname/email and your password and open your group order list. Click above the list on Edit list. Enter your list's password and click next. Now activate paypal payments in premium features and click Save list. While your paypal email is verified on, participants can now pay on your list.
First contact the organisator using the formular Contact the organisator on the your list. If no agreement can be found, activate conflict solving on paypal for the concerned transaction. THIS ALWAYS SHOULD BE THE LAST STEP. is never reasonable and cannot be blamed in any case on failed transactions or other. Further information can be found in the terms on use.
Yes, but you have to upgrade your list to premium. Open your list and click on premium features. Alternatively you can upgrade your account. All your lists have the licence for commercial use.
A list is considered as commercial, when the participants using the list have a common business relation. Be fair and pay your fee, if this applies to your list or to be save. We perform random checks on lists and reserve the right to delete lists, which break this rule.
Open your list and click on Edit list. Enter your password and click next. Now you can edit your list.
There is no specified limit for entries.
Click on Edit list on your list, enter your password and click next. Now deactivate the checkbox for Enable list and click on Save list. Now nobody can make further entries. If your list is expired, it will be deactivated automatically.
Your list expires, when your entered date of expiry is reached. In that case the list is disabled automatically and no further entries can be made. You can re-enable your list by changing the date of expiry. Click on Edit list, enter your list's password and click next. Now change the date of expiry and click on Save list.
Your list is deleted after one year of inactivity. You can delete your list manually. Go to the list settings and click on Delete list in point Checkout.
Log in and goto My Data and click on Delete Account at the bottom of the page.
Please contact (impressum) and describe the error as good as possible. provides SSL secured connections for data transmission. This ensures that the data is encrypted and cannot be read by a third party. Watch out for the https protocol sign in front of the URL. We also offer premium features for even more security: anonymous list and access password.
Login to your account and click on My data and then on Edit. After editing your personal data, click Save.
When you cannot solve a problem by yourself, you can contact (Impressum). Be informed that we normally don't offer support, so there's no guearantee for an answer.

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